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Astro-Herbalism Mini Series: Summer Workshop

Astro-Herbalism Mini Series: Summer Workshop

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Astro-Herbalism Mini Series: Navigating Summer with Cancer, Leo & Virgo. 

In this four-part, seasonal mini series, we'll explore the intersection of astrology and
herbalism, continuing into the energies of the Summer season and the zodiac signs of Cancer, Leo and Virgo. We'll delve into the cardinal, fixed, and mutable modes of
astrology, along with the elemental properties associated with these signs. Discover
how to harness the power of plants to align with the unique qualities of each sign and
navigate the energetic shifts of Summer months with intention and vitality.

Please bring with you a yoga mat for sitting and a mug to enjoy tea. 

Date: Thursday June 27th 

Time: 7:00-8:30 pm 

Investment: $40 

Presented by: Angelina Keselburg of Higher Vibration Tonics

Angelina is a passionate herbalist, guided by the wisdom of nature and the
celestial dance of the cosmos. With a certificate in clinical herbalism and ongoing
studies in community herbalism and field botany, Angelina's journey into the world of
plants has been one of continuous learning and growth.

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